Visa Procedure

Travel/Visa Info

Visas for some nationalities require a special clearance. Please find below the latest rules and regulations - is a website to assist our web visitors to get visa easily with peace of mind by giving our guarantee for Refund. Therefore the procedure of Visa Application with is as follows:

1. We receive your application through our website Application form and we reply all email within 24hours. If you do not hear from us 24hours, please notify us by email

2. Applicants have to send scanned or photographed copy of their passport to us. You can also take picture with your smart phone such as iPhone or Android Phone or Tablet.

3. You may choose to make payment by credit card, Bank Transfer or Cash on arrival.

4. After receiving complete information from you, we will process your visa by sending your information to Ministry of Immigration. This process may take 5 working days.

5. Once your visa is approved, we will send approval letter (E-VISA with barcode) to you by email. (Note if you have any flight change let us know well in advance.)

6. Please print that E-VISA with Barcode letter out and show them at the air line counter. If you have any problem with the Airline Check in counter, insist on to see senior manager and ask them to call us at +959-8623435.

7. After arriving in Myanmar, please queue as usual at Immigration counter. Immigration officer will scan your barcode and proceed accordingly.

8. You will receive Visa on your passport after being checked in by the immigration officer.


(a) Business Visa (Single Entry) -Valid for (3) months -Period of stay in Myanmar restricted to TEN weeks from date of arrival. It can be extended. VISA fees S$ 65

(b) Business Visa (Multiple Journey Entry Visa) -Validity varies from minimum (6) months to maximum (1) year from date of issue. Multiple Journey Entry Visas is considered case by case basis. The applicants need to obtain Business Single VISA issued in Singapore and visit Myanmar for Business purpose at least (3) times, are able to apply SIX MONTHS MJEV and can apply ONE Year MJEV after that. -Period of stay in Myanmar restricted to TEN weeks from date of arrival. It can be extended. VISA fees S$ 300

Documents Required for Business Visa:

• Appointment letter

• One copy of duly-filled Business Visa application form. Every set of application form has to be duly signed by the applicant. False signature may result in non-acceptance at the Visa counter

• An original invitation letter to you from a registered company in Myanmar

• An original recommendation letter to you from a registered company in Singapore

• TWO recent photos of 1 ˝ x 2 inches with white color background (Scanned photos are not allowed & photo must be taken in 6 month time)

• Valid passport ( at least 6 months validity)

• Passport with sufficient VISA pages and its validity should cover the validity of the VISA applied

• Applicant’s Name Card/ Business Card, a photocopy of a page of passport with the applicant’s photo shown.

• A photocopy of IC/ PR/ EP/ Student Pass ( Both sides)

• Birth Certificate is required to submit if the applicant is less than 15 years old.

• Applicants may be asked to provide other documents if and when necessary.